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"Jihyun, Mom and papa love you. Let’s go home." written on a star shaped paper at Pengmok Harbor, Jindo, South Korea. 97 days have passed since Sewol Ferry disaster. 476 passangers, 294 dead, 245 are from Danwon Highschool, 172 survived, 10 are still missing, and any investigation about it has not started. #sewol #세월호 #jindo #southkorea #disaster #family #sea #documentary #photojournalism #asia #everydayasia

A mother who lost her child from Sewol ferry disaster cries during the hunger protest at Gwanghwamun Plaza in the center of Seoul. 476 passengers, 293 dead, 172 survivors, 11 still missing since the disaster on April 16, 2014. Among 293 dead, 245 Danwon highschool students are dead. #seoul #southkorea #protest #disaster #documentary #photojournalism #sewol #세월호 #asia #everydayasia

My year-long term project about workers from Samsung Electronics is published on The Washington Post. Those who willingly shared their pains, agonies and thoughts are the real authors of this story. Also, I do appreciateChico Harlan for this great article with my full respect and honor.

Controversial, emotional vomit, sensationalism or justice. Whatever you may say, please take a look even for a moment what is happening, then think about it.


Iraq crisis: Barack Obama sends in US troops as Isis insurgency worsens

The Obama administration has ordered the urgent deployment of several hundred armed troops in and around Iraq, after the rampant insurgency in the country forced the first talks between the US and Iran over a common security interest in more than a decade. Full story here

Iraqi policemen stand at a checkpoint in northern Baghdad on Monday. Photo: STR/EPA



Photo: Christopher Morris—VII for TIME

The Photo That Made Me: Christopher Morris, Panama 1989

The Photo That Made Me is a new LightBox series in which renowned photographers discuss a picture that jump-started their career, garnered them international attention or simply sparked their interest in photography. This inaugural installment features TIME contract photographer Christopher Morris, who talks about a powerful image he made in Panama in 1989.